The making of culinary masterpieces: Sanjeev Nanda's gastronomical affair with Taj Dubai

When it comes to tantalizing food, there is hardly any place better than Dubai. The bustling city is home to some of the most prominent hubs of restaurants that ooze with luxury. One such hub is Taj Dubai which houses some of the most iconic restaurants of all times. It comes as no surprise that some of these eateries are ideated by none other than Sanjeev Nanda.

Known for his versatility and innovation in the hospitality sector, British-Indian restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda has brought many unique restaurant concepts to the table (quite literally). Being located inside Taj Dubai only adds to the luxury quotient of his restaurants. Add to that a riot of flavours, and you have culinary masterpieces at hand.

One of these magnum opuses is Billionaire Mansion and Sumosan, so brilliantly conceptualized that it never fails to allure the elite, all the while enticing those on budget to loosen up their pockets once in a while. The restaurant provides a treat for all senses with jaw-dropping live performances combined with a dual menu that offers lip-smacking delicacies from Italian and Japanese cuisines.

Behind the ‘best of both worlds’ concept of Billionaire Mansion and Sumosan is Sanjeev Nanda, who is accredited with playing a major role in bringing the Billionaire brand to the emirate. The result is stupendous – the restaurant has proudly hosted many prominent faces from the world’s elite.

And Sanjeev Nanda’s gastronomical affair with Taj Dubai doesn’t end here. Another magnum opus of the British-Indian restaurateur, Miss Tess is also housed inside the same premises. Although the two restaurants have the same brain working behind them, everything from the concept to decor and food is poles apart.

Miss Tess takes the guests on a culinary journey through the bustling lanes of Asia, offering an extensive array of flavorsome Asian street food delicacies. The only common thing between Billionaire Mansion and Miss Tess, apart from Sanjeev Nanda himself, is the interactive live performances.

The ambiance of Miss Tess whispers of mysticism, while the live performances by acrobats and martial artists make everything seem livelier than ever. But the showstopper always remains the food – the most delectable recipes cooked to perfection and served with love and care sprinkled in equal amounts.

The difference in concepts of the two restaurants might be great, but the innovation that lies at the heart of Miss Tess and Billionaire Mansion remains all the same, just like the strategic location – Taj Dubai – that offers some of the best panoramic views of the city’s fabled skyline. This fact, combined with the alleviated chic quotient that the hotel adds to the reastaurants, makes it quite clear why Sanjeev Nanda chose Taj Dubai to house not one but two of his iconic projects.

In the future, we look forward to witness more of Nanda’s curious brain at play in Dubai’s hospitality sector – for the crowd in Dubai can always welcome new eateries that offer excellent ambience, food and services.