Owing to his business acumen and innovative mindset, Sanjeev Nanda has made a mark for himself in various business circles. Currently steering the helm of ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals, he is also associated with popular hotels and restaurants across the globe such as Miss Tess and Billionaire Mansion in Dubai, Claridges Group of Hotels in India, and Toto’s in London.

Early life

Sanjeev Nanda was born on 17 January 1978 in New Delhi. Educated at the prestigious Modern School, New Delhi, and the globally acclaimed Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, he was also an avid tennis player during his early years.

Entrepreneurial beginnings

Sanjeev Nanda returned to India after completing his education abroad, and worked with prestigious organizations such as ANZ Grindlays Bank and Barclays Capital. Later, he along with a group of friends started a website development company. Although the business disbanded later, it laid the foundation of a successful entrepreneur that Sanjeev Nanda is today.

Foray into hospitality sector

Sanjeev Nanda’s family runs the Claridges Group of Hotels in India. In 2001, he decided to join the family business. The Claridges Group had entered a partnership with California-based company Commerce One, and the joint venture was named C1 India, where Sanjeev worked as the marketing manager.
The stint at C1 India helped Sanjeev develop the entrepreneur inside him, and soon he took over the company’s sales division in Delhi and Mumbai. Under his leadership, the company secured large orders, proving his mettle as a businessman.

Overcoming crises

In order to further his education, Sanjeev Nanda took a break from family business and pursued MBA from INSEAD. However, by the time he returned, Claridges had lost its CEO and was in a crisis. Taking this as a challenge, Sanjeev Nanda assumed the command of the group in 2005 and led the business into an era of innovation and expansion.

Iconic projects

As an entrepreneur, Sanjeev Nanda is known for his iconic projects. His acquisition of Sea rock Hotel in Mumbai and the establishment of The Claridges Surajkund and Dhaba by Claridges are just a few examples.

Even after shifting his base to Dubai, Sanjeev Nanda has continued his innovative streak, and has been associated with some of the most innovative restaurant projects of all times, including Toto’s in London and Miss Tess in Dubai.

Apart from this, Sanjeev Nanda has also been quite instrumental in setting up Taj Dubai. He also worked on structuring a debt financing for the hotel. Furthermore, he is accredited for negotiating a deal with the ‘Billionaire’ brand and bringing it to Dubai by establishing ‘Billionaire Mansion’, one of the chicest restro-bars in Dubai.

Currently Sanjeev Nanda serves as the CEO of Claridges Group of Hotels. In addition to this, he is also the Managing Director of Downtown Investment Management LLC, a Dubai-based investment firm, and ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals, one of the most rapidly growing pharma companies in Asia.

Humanitarian efforts

When he is not busy with his entrepreneurial ventures, Sanjeev Nanda likes to spend his time giving back to the society. One of the most prominent examples of his commitment towards aiding social development is the help he extended to the women in Banjani Village, a small hamlet in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Along with his wife Medha Nanda, Sanjeev helped the women to mobilize and establish a self-help group called Mahila Ekta Group. To further the group’s enterprise of paper and cloth bags, Sanjeev Nanda also provided material and logistics support to Mahila Ekta Group. He often visits the village to assess the progress made by the women’s group.