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The changing face of pharma in a post-pandemic world

As the world continues to expand, the emergence of new technologies continues to bring it closer. The evolution of tech-based solutions has brought major changes to lifestyles across the globe, irrespective of geography or demography. However, the Covid-19 pandemic brought another aspect of a well-connected world to light – the acceleration in the spread of diseases, both communicable and non-communicable.
Influencer Marketing in Hospitality Industry

Examining the relevance of influencer marketing in the hospitality business

With the emerging popularity of social media, a new way of marketing has been gaining popularity of late – influencer marketing. May it be FMCG or travel or healthcare, no industrial sector is aloof from the touch of this new marketing trend, and the hospitality sector is no different either.
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Strengthening the pharma sector: Key factors that will have a great impact in the coming years

After going through a number of ups and downs in the last few years, the global pharmaceuticals market is bracing itself for the future. The pandemic and the crises that ensued have proved to be an unexpected learning opportunity wherein various industries came face to face with the kind of preparations they had for unprecedented difficult situations.
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How out-of-the-box thinking is helping restaurants revive in a post-pandemic world

With vaccination drives and other preventive protocols in place, the pandemic situation across the globe has begun to subside. More and more nations continue to ease down their Covid-19 restrictions on travel and businesses. However, the world as we knew it has changed by leaps and bounds in this duration. Consumer behaviour has undergone a massive transformation, and so has the way business used to be conducted.

Workplace Diversity: The Key to a successful business

The world has traditionally been unequal. But if the stepping into a different millennium has taught us something, it is to break free of traditions that have become obsolete and replace them with new ones. The inclusion of marginalised communities into the mainstream is one of these new-age traditions which most people are happy to adopt.
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The changing paradigms of pharma with new age technology

It would not be an understatement to say that the gradual advancements in technology have taken the world by storm. May it be industries or education or any other walk of life, the influence of technological innovations can be seen and felt everywhere. The pharmaceuticals industry is no different. In fact, the impact of newly emerging tech concepts is more evident in the sector, since it has traditionally relied heavily on tech and innovation.
Restaurant Sustainability Sanjeev Nanda

Restaurant Sustainability: More than just the latest buzzword

Conserving the environment is something that concerns everyone, irrespective of which industry they concern with. And just like several other sectors making contributions towards saving the planet, hospitality sector is also doing its bit through promoting sustainable practices across businesses. Food outlets becoming stellar successes with menus alone is a thing of the past now – today the consumers like to know whether an establishment is responsible enough.