Healthcare in Dubai :Sanjeev Nanda, MD Ishvan Pharmaceuticals on what the future holds for the sector

In the recent years, Dubai’s healthcare landscape has changed considerably. With investments pouring in the healthcare sector owing to the Dubai Health Authority’s health investment strategy for 2017-2020, the future seems bright for medical care in Dubai, says MD of Dubai-based ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals, Sanjeev Nanda.

“The healthcare sector in Dubai offers significant opportunuties for investors. The Dubai Health Authority, through various measures, has guided and supported various firms into building a sustainable public-private partnership models in Dubai’s healthcare sector. Despite a few arenas getting saturated, investment is nevertheless pouring in and will continue in future,” Sanjeev Nanda said.

Elucidating upon his comment, Nanda said that while some catchments and services in the healthcare sector have adequate supply and some pose a risk for overcapacity, there exists several gaps in a number of services. “The onset of Covid-19 pandemic posed a shortage for medical essentials and other equipments not only in the UAE but across the globe. With a robust supply chain in place, ISHVAN helped several countries overcome the crisis in an effective manner, particularly for nitrile gloves, ” Sanjeev Nanda explained.

He added, “Just like ISHVAN, there are many other players in Dubai who are actively contributing to a better medical care scenario around the world. The investors have entrusted us with a great responsibility and I am sure that they will continue to do so in the future as well. Dubai is emerging as a hub for healthcare needs, and investors around the world are acknowledging this fact.”

Not just with the growing pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, Dubai is also attracting investment in healthcare owing to its growing population and rapidly expanding private healthcare setup. The global estimates about the growing population of the Emirate show that by 2025, there will be a gap in in-patient beds, in price-positioning and in specialties.

“Dubai certainly holds great potential. The government is taking some promising steps in order to promote healthcare investment in areas where there are opportunities for growth not just for the investors but for the Emirate as well. In wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, innovations in medical essentials, medical technology, primary care and home-based care are a few areas where investors can reap great benefits,” said Sanjeev Nanda.